Ignite San Francisco 11

Ignite SF 11 at Marines’ Memorial Theatre on May 26th 2015 @ 8pm. Doors open @ 7pm.


Name Title
Joey Cody How To Get On A Gameshow (And Win)
Trey Clark WTF is up the with tenderloin?
Victor Chiu The War on Sleep
Joel Mahoney Civic Technology and the Calculus of the Common Good
Stefanie Chow Improve Your Public Speaking Skills With Stand Up Comedy
Dom DeGuzman California’s Drought Crisis: It’s a Cowspiracy!
Kacie Gonzalez Copyright, Trademark, and Patent. How they are different and why you should care
Claudine Woo Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You
Dana Bisordi How to Not be Recruited Into a Cult
Ryan Lackey Secure, Easy-to-Use, Cheap: Choose 3!
Tamara Altman Everywhere, One Month at a Time…
Sonja Trauss Why Not 100,000 units? How do we get there?
Mike Pile Why Brand Names Matter
Elizabeth Churchill The end of the “end-user”.
Dorothy R. Santos Narratives of Marginalized Bodies: Exploring Third Space in Contemporary New Media and Digital Art


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